Underlays are used as noise and heat insulation when installing your floors – laminate flooring and panel parquets – floating. Depending on the underlay you choose, the floor is equalised and provides noise insulation.

Wooden stair nosings

Admonter stair nosings. Stairs have special meaning in our homes. Not only do they enable us going from one floor to another, but also represent an important decorative element in the room. In our sales programme we offer you wide range of wooden stair nosings.

Finishing skirting

Every laminate flooring or parquet has the matching finishing skirting. Skirtings are made of different materials (MDF, wood, PVC) and can be fixed by screwing on the wall or by using skirting clips. Different dimensions available.

Glues, oiles, care and maintanance agents

When glueing our parquets fully on the ground (mostly concrete) we use only high quality glues, which are suitable for glueing of parquet. Use of other glues can be the cause for reclamation. Oiling of parquets is a special technique of floor protection. We recommend you consult a professional before your start oiling. Use of different maintenance and clean&care agents will keep your floor beautiful through the yearss. For each flooring we can offer you the right clean&care agent.

Installation material

For easier installation of parquet, laminate flooring and all other types of floorings, different accessories and instruments can be used. It is important that you use only original accessories, all of which are provided by our company.


For perfect appearance of your floor you need to have adequate profiles, which can be used for all kinds of floorings - laminate floorings, parquets, ceramic etc. They are made from different materials (PVC, aluminium, brass, stainless steel) and available in different colours.

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